quinte rotary music festival text
Quinte Rotary - Celebrating 46 Years

2019 Provincial Music Festival


Congratulations to the following Quinte Rotary Music Festival participants who were recommended by our 2019 Adjudicators to participate in the Ontario Music Festival (OMFA) - June 3 to June 8, 2019.  We are so proud of you!!!



Albert College Jazz Ensemble, Jazz - Class No. 6 - Finalist

Albert College Community Winds, Class No. 4 - Honourable Mention



Centennial Secondary School Choir, Class 106 - Finalist



Mia Noronha, Level 6

Sharon Sit, Level 7

Annie Wu, Level 8

Jenna Martinello, Level 10 - Finalist

Callum McDonald, Level 10 - Finalist

Jeanette Huang, Diploma



Jeanette Huang - Violin


Music Theatre:

Dante Duffus, Junior Musical Theatre - Finalist



Dante Duffus, Level 6



Tina Li - Saxophone

Albert College Saxophone Quartet (Jamieson Lortie - Soprano Sax, Natalie Harrison - Alto Sax, Tina Li - Tenor Sax, Alex Schneider - Baritone Sax


For more information on the Provincial Festival, visit www.omfa.info