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Quinte Rotary - Celebrating 46 Years

Accompanist for the Quinte Rotary Music Festival


Need an Accompanist for the upcoming Quinte Rotary Music Festival? The following list of Accompanists are available to assist you, please select one and give them a call to make your arrangements directly with the Accompanist:


Michael Faulkner  613-391-1541  or via email at:  r.michael.faulkner@gmail.com


Janice Fast   613-403-6081 or via email at:  janicedfast@gmail.com


Mitchell Cox   613-962-9178/613-848-9213 


Tom Dietzel  613-921-2883 or via email at:  thomasericdietzel@gmail.com


Pat Ross via email at:  rossmusic95@gmail.com


Roberta Luttejeboer  613-967-6646 or via email at: raluttjeboer@gmail.com


Douglas Von Edelmann 437.366.8826 musicstudiodouglas@gmail.com


Pinnacle Music School    613 969 0050  or via email at:   Info@pinnaclemusicstudios.com