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Quinte Rotary - Celebrating 46 Years
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QRMF is resuming April 4 -8, 2022!. Registration now open until March 28 2022!
2022 Syllabus Now Available



January 12, 2022 Update

QRMF Trophy Competitions, 2022: There will be no in person Trophy Competitions this year.

Adjudicators will select the winners of the Silver Trophy awards based on the average of the highest 3 marks for Piano and Voice, and the highest 2 marks for Strings and Instrumental classes, in the eligible classes for the competition, as described in the syllabus on pages 17 - 18.

Sight Reading will not be required this year, for Trophy Competition eligibility.

QRMF Committee, 2022.

January 5, 2022 Update

The Festival committee has decided not to have an in person festival this year. We will be setting up a virtual festival, instead, to protect all of our participants, volunteers, and adjudicators from any pandemic illnesses. Please watch the web site for further instructions. Register as usual, REGISTER TODAY!.

March 1, 2022 Update

Each entrant will be sent an email from Eye Distractions for each class on March 20th. The email will have video submission instructions. Submissions must be sent with those instructions by March 25, 2022 by 9:00pm. Email us if you have any questions.

Any videos submitted in error to You Tube, you will have to provide the URL for those videos.

QRMF committee, 2022.


June 28, 2022 Update

We congratulate two of our Music Festival participants for placing second and third in the Provincial Music Festival Competitions recently:

        3rd  Anissa Nielsen     Voice – Diploma

        2nd  Dante Duffus   Voice – Level 8 –GroupB                                                         

Well done !


Celebrating 52 Years of Excellence

We are so Blessed with the talent we have in our community. The purpose of the Music Festival is to help young people develop their musical talent. A special thank you to the parents, teachers, family and friends who have continued to encourage and support them in their study of music during Covid-19.

In addition to providing each participant with individual feedback on their performance, the adjudicators provide "workshop" with many of the participants throughout the different categories.

We hope you all return! It's a pleasure to see many of the same students competing year after year and to watch their progress as they become more confident and take on more complex pieces.

The dates for our 52nd Music Festival have been set as:
April 4 to 8, 2022.

The students, music teachers, parents and volunteers are an integral part of a successful Festival. We invite your feedback on any area of the Festival that you think could be improved. Contact Us here anytime.

Thank you again for being a part of this wonderful experience.

John Chisholm, Chair
Quinte Rotary Music Festival 2022



The Committee has decided to limit the geographical boundaries for our Festival, to the areas between Hwy #  45 on the west, #41 on the east, and #7 on the north. All of Prince Edward County is included in our catchments area as well. Anyone may participate in our festival, and all will receive an adjudication and a mark, and a certificate, but prizes and trophies will be awarded to those participants residing within these boundaries, which are the areas served by the sponsoring clubs.


COVID Protocols:

Entrance to QRMF venues and events will be limited to those with proof of double vaccination( for all for whom vaccines are available), in accordance with provincial standards at the time of the festival events.

Protocols at each venue will be adhered to strictly, including hand sanitizing, masking, and physical distancing, to protect all participants, volunteers, adjudicators, and audience members.

To all registrants in the 2022 QRMF: After registrations have closed (February 25), you will receive an email with specific instructions re how to record and send your videos to us for adjudication. Best wishes as you prepare for our virtual festival this year.